This IAQS talk aims to provide education and support on how to take the best approach to mitigate the spread of airborne infections, and why maintaining good levels or air quality needs to be part of any effective infection control and prevention programme.

Carol Hallam, member of the IAQS Steering Committee, presents on the importance of indoor air quality in healthcare environments and how the use of innovative technologies can be leveraged to help to tackle the risk of airborne infection.  This topic is becoming increasingly important in the face of the covid-19 pandemic and the rise of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

About PDI International, the host of this webinar.

PDI International is dedicated to leading the fight against preventable infections in healthcare, food service and our communities. Driven by a commitment to research, quality, and service, PDI provides innovative products, educational resources, training, and support to help prevent infection transmission and promote health and wellness. PDI International has three divisions, PDI HealthcarePDI Sani Professional, and PDI Contract Manufacturing.