IAQS Talks_

“IAQS Talks” is an educational and multi-disciplinary project for indoor air quality. 

Top experts from different disciplines will share their knowledge and perspectives on the subject. The experts will give short presentations pitches that are understandable to people that have no background on the presented topic. Making it easier to open the discussion and creating awareness to a larger public.  

You will find all the talks below.

This IAQS talk aims to provide education and support on how to take the best approach to mitigate the spread of airborne infections, and why maintaining good levels or air quality needs to be part of any effective infection control and prevention programme.

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The Indoor Air Quality Society (IAQS) and Allergy Standards Limited (ASL) have agreed to collaborate on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) initiatives with a focus on occupant’s health in healthcare and non-healthcare settings. The percentage for sick leave attributed to poor indoor air quality needs to be taken into serious consideration.  With ASL’s experience and mission to […]

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Watch our first IAQS TALK with Professor Daniel Bonn from the Waals-Zeeman Institute for experimental physics of the University of Amsterdam, group leader to the Complex Fluids Group and chairman of the IAQSociety.  Prof. Bonn will discuss ‘How to Evaluate (& improve) IAQ’. There will be a high density of information in a short period […]

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