IAQS is a not-for-profit society which aims to do more than provide technical or science-based solutions. 

We want to connect and influence, to bring together people who can make a difference when it comes to poor indoor air quality and transmit the results of our work to as wide an audience as possible. 

Knowledge is key to readiness

Exploring the theories and reflections of what has happened and what might happen in the future will, we believe, make a difference.

We are inviting you to join a select group of experts in their field to explore various important subjects such as:

  • Detailed understanding of the transmission of virus / bacteria’s / spores / or fungi via droplets and air
  • The role of ventilation and lack of ventilation
  • What can technology offer?
  • What are the highest risk activities / environments for transmission and why?
  • What are the safest protocols / actions to combat infection via the air?
  • What was wrong with “normal” what will the new “normal” look like and what should the new “normal” look like?

These are examples of what we intend to explore in both healthcare and non-healthcare settings.

We also want to look at how we can contribute to keeping life, industry and commerce functioning after the current and during future pandemics in indoor environments as safely as possible.

We believe it is important to keep people as safe as possible both in healthcare and getting people back to work, creating both a new and safer normal.

We suspect you may be thinking “how can I fit this in?” 

We understand that certain members of this initiative will have variable availability and that is perfectly acceptable. 

Some members will only be able to look at content and pass a critical expert eye over the work. 

Some maybe more active and drive some of these initiatives. 

We believe that some members may find this activity “think tank” runs in a close parallel with your area of expertise and your current role and responsibilities. 

All contributions will be valued and welcomed.

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