Watch our first IAQS TALK with Professor Daniel Bonn from the Waals-Zeeman Institute for experimental physics of the University of Amsterdam, group leader to the Complex Fluids Group and chairman of the IAQSociety. 

Prof. Bonn will discuss ‘How to Evaluate (& improve) IAQ’. There will be a high density of information in a short period of time. 

The physics, the chemistry, the biology and the ventilation paradox will be discussed. 

As a professor in physics Prof. Bonn likes to measure things, evaluate them and come with a conclusion. These days it is easy to get an air quality sensor and measure different chemicals (VOCs) and small particles (particle matter (PM)). Specialist will know what this data means and what their next actions should be. But what about you and I? 

 Prof. Bonn sets out to clarify this in his talk. He explains the data and what this means for indoor air. He then discussions what we need to do with that data to improve the air quality in our environment. This being our home, school or work environment.  Follow the talk, share your thoughts and opinions and lets have a discussion. 

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