The Indoor Air Quality Society (IAQS) and Allergy Standards Limited (ASL) have agreed to collaborate on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) initiatives with a focus on occupant’s health in healthcare and non-healthcare settings. The percentage for sick leave attributed to poor indoor air quality needs to be taken into serious consideration. 

With ASL’s experience and mission to make the United Nations right to breathe clean air a reality for all, they will support IAQS’s goals and objectives to use the knowledge and momentum generated by its network to raise awareness of the wide range of human health issues directly related to compromised indoor air. 

Together we will stimulate this debate through research, knowledge sharing and educational programmes, in order to educate the general public on IAQ, as well as to address the many misperceptions in this area. 

In this talk you will learn more about : 

>> The need for interaction between building engineers and healthcare workers. 

>> The importance of a clean environment for allergy and asthma patients. 

>> Why IAQ matters for ESG 

>> How innovation and design can improve indoor air quality

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